• Women's Empowerment
    Night at Delights by Mina

  • Naomi Hanna

    Visual Artist - Baltimore, MD

    Naomi Hanna is a Visual Artist based in Baltimore who learned to paint from her father Mr. Harold Hanna, a self-taught Artist since the age of 6, who painted murals in the 60's in Chester, Pennsylvania. Her paintings reflect her experience within the African Diaspora using water colors, acrylics, oils, multimedia, and more.

    Ms. Hanna spent one year at Delaware College of Art and Design in 2012. Afterwards, she taught Arts and Crafts in a Summer School program with Children's & Families First, while transitioning to Wilmington University to study Early Childhood Education. Currently, she attends the Baltimore City Community College, and recently, participated in multiple cultural events such as Artscape 2016, where she painted a temporary mural.


    In 2015, Hanna visited Salvador, Bahia, Brazil for Capoeira Angola Martial Arts and cultural exposure. In July 2016, she hosted her first Baltimore City Art Show: Dreams of the Motherland, which was a success and paid for her ticket to Accra, Ghana, where she travelled with a grassroots holistic youth education school program called AYA (Afrikan Youth Alchemy). Ms. Hanna has since taught summer art workshops with Orita's Cross Freedom School, The Creative Alliance, and Freelance Art projects in the City of Baltimore.

  • Dumbi Mabiala

    Dumbi Mabiala

    Personal Development, Leadership, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach - Baltimore, MD

    Ms. Dumbi Mabiala is a Personal Development, Leadership, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach & Speaker. She’s also a member of the John Maxwell Team, which is the leading Leadership and Personal Development Training center in the world. As the Founder of Mentoring Generations, she’s had the pleasure over the years to speak to various audiences at seminars, women’s conferences, retreats and local organizations events. Her passion is to empower mainly women and leaders to boldly live out their passion and develop their God-given abilities in order to fulfill their calling.

    About Mentoring Generations

    Mentoring Generations is an organization that provides personal & professional development, leadership training and spiritual empowerment to its valued clients.


    Our mission is to Ignite, Equip and Impact leaders in ministry and in the marketplace. Our purpose is to IGNITE the fire and passion in you by EQUIPPING you with the tools that you need as a leader to IMPACT your generation.


    Our exceptional conferences, masterminds, speaking engagements, personal coaching sessions, and mentorship programs target areas of personal, professional and spiritual growth; purpose & gift discovery; character development, goal setting, developing confidence, and leadership training.

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  • Latanya Bond

    Made-to-order dipped Strawberries, Pretzels, Apples and Truffles for all occasions!

    Hair Stylist

    117 Saratoga St.

    Baltimore, MD

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