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    Crepes by Mina

    Crêpes by Mina

    Are you about #ThatCrepeLife? Then come to Crêpes by Mina where you can enjoy over 40 different sweet and savory crêpes!

    Delights by Mina

    Join us for
    Chef Mina's Sunday Brunch!

    A Sunday Brunch like no other. Experience a whole new side of Chef Mina's palate every Sunday from 10am - 3pm!

    Chef Mina's Aroundthe Motherland

    Introducing Chef Mina's Latest Cookbook:

    Around the Motherland

    Chef Mina's latest cookbook, featuring 15 different countries from 10 different African Nations, including her home country of Burkina Faso, as well as Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Senegal, Kenya, Morocco, Zambia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, and Liberia, as well as the stories behind them. Learn more at AroundTheMotherland.com, or Order on Amazon Today!


    Introducing Chef Mina's
    A La Carte Menu

    An exciting new menu drawing from Chef Mina’s experiences at home in Burkina Faso & other West African Countries, as well as Europe, & the USA. Featuring brand new delights, as well as established favorites!

    Mina's Catering

    Delights by Mina offers both delivery and full-service catering to delight your guests at your next major event!

  • Welcome to Delights by Mina!

    Located in the heart of the business district of Downtown Baltimore at 105 N. Charles St, Delights by Mina is the premier African restaurant & catering service in Baltimore.

    We are open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday from 11am - 3pm, and for Sunday Brunch from 10am - 3pm.


    Additionally, the First Friday of every month at 7pm, we host a Special 3-Course Dinner with Live Music, starting at just $30. Learn more»

    Delights by Mina's Around the Motherland Menu #AroundTheMotherland

    Lunch: Tues - Sun 11a - 3p

    An exciting new menu drawing from Chef Mina’s experiences at home in Burkina Faso & other West African Countries, as well as Europe, & the USA. Featuring brand new delights, as well as established favorites!


    See the full menu here »

    Delights by Mina's African Delights Buffet

    Available Th & Fri from 11a - 3p

    A delicious buffet with favorites from all over Africa, Chef Mina's African Delights Buffet has become a late-week lunchtime staple among those working along Charles St, as well as an in-demand catering item.


    See more pictures of the
    African Delights buffet

    Triple Chocolate Chip Surprise Crepe - Delights by Mina/Crepes by Mina

    Sweet & Savory Crêpes by Mina

    A Baltimore-area favorite!

    The culinary delight that originally put Chef Mina on the map back in 2009, her sweet and savory crêpes are sure to become a Baltimore staple food within the next few years!


    Delights by Mina's
    Crêpe Menu»

    And while we currently offer a limited crêpe menu at Delights by Mina, with the opening of Crêpes by Mina at Mount Vernon Marketplace, we offer over 40 different sweet & savory crêpes, 7 days a week!

    Crepes by Mina
  • Meet the Team

    Ramatou Fofana, MBA aka "Chef Mina"

    Owner & Executive Chef

    Originally from the country of Burkina Faso in West Africa, Chef Mina is a cunning entrepreneur with a talent and passion for cooking that rivals the best chefs in the world. With over seven years of experience owning and operating food court stalls, restaurants, and catering operations, Chef Mina has brought delight to thousands of Maryland residents. A cunning and savvy businesswoman, she is currently the only Burkinabe woman to own two successful ventures in the United States of America: Delights by Mina & Crêpes by Mina.


    Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

    Hussein Drabo aka
    "H" or "Mr. French"

    General Manager & Crêpe Master

    Never without a smile on his face, H has been at Chef Mina's side, serving up sweet and savory crêpes (as well as smiles) since her first location: Mina's Crêpes at Towsontown Mall in 2009.


    When he's not busy perfecting the art of the crêpe as "H," he keeps himself busy as Mr. French, giving French lessons to Baltimore area residents of all ages. He also aspires to star in a Crest Toothpaste commercial one day, so if you can make that happen, he'll hook you up with a free crêpe.

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  • Employment at
    Delights by Mina

    & Crêpes by Mina


    An exciting opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

  • Part-Time Jobs

    Sometimes people just need a part-time or temporary job, either because they're in-between careers, or they just need supplemental income. And while they don't plan to "grow with the company" long-term, they will still give 100% while employed.


    At Delights by Mina, we understand this, and have a need for these kinds of workers. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in part-time restaurant work (around 15 - 30 hours per week), send your resume, along with availability, to PartTimeJobs@DelightsByMina.com »​


  • Full-Time Careers

    We're growing very fast, and we're looking for team members who want to grow with us. For those who are passionate about food, customer service, and personal & professional growth, please email your resume and a cover letter to Careers@DelightsByMina.com »

  • Be sure to check out our sister location, with over 40 different sweet and savory crêpes on the menu (many of which are of Chef Mina's own invention).

    Crêpes by Mina at
    Mount Vernon Marketplace

    520 Park Ave | Baltimore, MD


    Open Monday - Saturday:
    11am - 3pm; 5pm - 9pm

    Sunday: 11am - 6pm

  • Hours & Locations

    Delights by Mina

    105 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

    Phone: 410-637-3637 | Text: 443-300-MINA

    Lunch: Tues - Sun 11a - 3p

    Lunch Buffet: Th&F 11a - 3p


    Delights by Mina
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    Crêpes by Mina

    at Mount Vernon Marketplace

    520 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

    Monday - Saturday:
    11a - 3p; 5p - 9p

    Sunday: 11a-6p


    Crêpes by Mina
    on Facebook»

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