• Delights by Mina's Menu

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    #AfricanDelights Buffet

    Available Thursday & Friday from 11am - 3pm

    Also available for Catering.

    Crepes by Mina

    Our sister location, featuring over 40 sweet & savory crepes!

    Every Sunday from 10am - 3pm

    A Sunday Brunch like no other. Experience a different side of Chef Mina's palate every Sunday from 10am - 3pm!


    See Sunday Brunch Menu»

  • Chef Mina's Creations: #AroundTheMotherland
    A La Carte Menu

    An exciting new menu drawing from Chef Mina’s experiences at home in Burkina Faso & other West African Countries, as well as Europe, & the United States.

      Featuring brand new delights, as well as established favorites, the Autumn 2016 #AroundTheMotherland Menu is available for:

      • Lunch: Tues - Sun | 11am - 3pm
      • Dinner: Fri & Sat | 6pm - 9pm
    • Hors D'oeurves

      Fataya (Empenada)

      Fataya - $7

      Two deep-fried African empenadas, with choice of chicken, seafood, or vegetarian filling.

      Southwest Chicken & Shrimp Salad - $9


      Vegetarian Quiche Florentine - $8

      Butternut Squash Soup

      Butternut Squash Soup - $7

      The perfect soup to warm you up when you're cold!

      Butternut Squash Soup

      Crêpe Chips & Pecan Hummus - $8

      Chips made from fresh crêpe batter, served with Chef Mina's homemade pecan hummus.

    • Chef Mina's Specialty
      Hors D'oeurves

      Old Bay Plantain Savory Cupcake

      Two savory cupcakes with pesto, hummus, and choice of protein:

      Chicken: $7

      Lump Crab: $9

      Shrimp & Guac: $9

      Chef Mina's
      'cardi Wings

      Chicken wings marinated overnight in maple & exotic spices, served on a sizzling platter, and flambéed in Bacardi Rum.

      Choose: 4 for $5 | 8 for $7 | 12 for $11

    • #AroundTheMotherland Entrées

      Yassa Chicken - $13


      Chicken marinated in lemon juice & Dijon mustard for 48 hours, topped with onions, and served with plantains & yellow rice.

      Couscous & Lamb - $16


      Beef w/ Palm Sauce* & Fufu - $13

      (Ivory Coast)

      *Made from palm nuts, the fruit of the African Oil Palm tree.

      Maafe Peanut Butter Soup - $13


      Choice of chicken or seafood. Served with vegetable-fried rice.

      Tropical Tilapia & Jollof Rice/Tiep ​- $15


    • Chef Mina's Specialty Entrées

      Chef Mina's Pumpkin Spice Beef Bourguignon

      Chef Mina's Pumpkin Spice Beef Bourguignon​ - $15

      Beef slow-cooked in Burgundy, with bacon, carrots, mushrooms, & potatoes. Served w/ mashed potatoes


      Chef Mina's African Chicken Curry - $13

      Served w/vegetable-fried rice

      Delights by Mina's Soup Kandje

      Soup Kandje - $15

      This delightful Gumbo is based on a traditional West-African-Coastal Recipe and contains chicken, shrimp, lobster, and beef. Served with coconut rice.

      Delights by Mina's 456 with Grilled Salmon

      456 - $13

      Choice of grilled chicken breast or salmon (+$3), served with a side of brown rice, and vegetable medley. Dedicated to Brick Bodies fitness trainer Bennie Goode; this dish has only about 456 calories!

      Add Bechamel Sauce: +30 calories

    • Side Dishes

      Regular Sides

      $2 each.

      • White Rice
      • Mashed Potatoes

      Premium Sides

      $3 each.

      • Fried Plantains
      • Fufu
      • Coconut Rice
      • Sauteed Vegetables
      • Vegetable Fried Rice
      • Cream of Spinach
    • Sweet & Savory Crêpes

      Savory Crêpes

      • Chicken Delight - $12
        Grilled chicken breast, onions, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, mozzarella cheese, and H's Special Sauce
      • Cajun Chicken & Shrimp - $13
        Grilled chicken & shrimp, onion, tomato, spinach, sweet peppers, mozzarella, and our secret Southwestern/Cajun Sauce!
      • Roasted Vegetables $12
        Olive oil, roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms, chickpeas, fresh tomato, spinach & basil, and feta. 
      • Jerk $13
        Jerk-spiced grilled chicken, African-fried rice with peas, and jerk cheddar mustard.

      Sweet Crêpes

      • Butter Sugar - $8
        Caramelized buttery crêpe topped with powdered sugar
      • Cinnamon Butter - $8 
        Caramelized buttery crêpe topped with cinnamon chips and powdered sugar
      • Lemon Sugar - $8 Fresh lemon & caramelized sugar crystals
      • Nutella - $8


      Where did the rest of the crêpes go? Click here to find out»​

    • Where did the rest of the Crêpes go?!?

      Don't see the crêpe you desire on the menu above? Then be sure to check out our sister location, with over 40 different sweet and savory crêpes on the menu (many of which are of Chef Mina's own invention).

      Crêpes by Mina at
      Mount Vernon Marketplace

      520 Park Ave | Baltimore, MD


      Open Monday - Saturday:
      11am - 3pm; 5pm - 9pm

      Sunday: 11am - 6pm

      (website coming soon, but be sure to download a copy of the menu!)

    • Lunch Specials

      (subject to change...check back often!)

    • Crêpe Combo Tuesday Lunch Special

      Every Tuesday from 11am - 1pm

      CBM meets DBM! Get the best of both worlds like the good old days every Tuesday with our Crêpe Combo Tuesday Lunch Special:

      • Chicken Delight Crêpe Combo: $10
      • Cajun Chicken & Shrimp Crêpe Combo: $12

      Each Lunch Combo includes a Pepsi fountain drink and a choice of gourmet side: Rice, Fried Plantains, or Sauteed Vegetables.

    • African Delights Buffet - $12

      Available Thursday & Friday from 11am - 3pm